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Base Info
Moe Point Nemurigami (睡神)
Moe Point Synonyms sleepyhead, Sleeping Beauty
Type Hobby class
Symbolic Characters Nayuki Minase, Kumin Tsuyuri

Nemurigami (睡神, ねむりがみ, "sleeping god") is a term used jokingly to refer to characters who like to sleep, and a moe point in ACG subculture.


Nemurigami-type characters are either unable to move when they fall asleep, or are often able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

This kind of sleepiness may be a long-term habit, or it may be caused by pathological causes of hypersomnia.

Some characters are prone to act boke when they sleep. Therefore, nemurigami characters can be tennen boke at the same time.

There may also be phenomena such as snoring and sleeptalking.