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In ACGN works, terms associated with moe.

If there are omissions or additions in the future, please feel free to edit.

(Note 1: This table lists nouns describing moe points, and some complex and excessively subdivided moe points will not be included.)

(Note 2: This template contains complex parameters and has been semi-protected. It can be edited only after automatically confirming the user or above permissions.)

Please note that when this template is referenced without parameters, all sub-templates are closed by default. If you want to display all sub-templates, please use {{Moe points|uncollapsed}}. If you want to display only specific sub-templates, please add parameters, for example {{Moe points|Age & Build}}.

Pagination expansion support, by default, the pagination is fully collapsed:

Expand all:

{{Moe points|uncollapsed}}

Collapse all:

{{Moe points|collapsed}}

Pagination expansion:

  1. {{Moe points|Age & Build}}(Age and build)
  2. {{Moe points|Personality}}(Personality)
  3. {{Moe points|Relationship}}(Blood relationship, interpersonal relationship)
  4. {{Moe points|Appearance}}(Appearance type)
  5. {{Moe points|Clothes}}(Clothes and accessories)
  6. {{Moe points|Identity, Professions and Species}}(Identity, professions, species)
  7. {{Moe points|Weapons & Items}}(Weapons, items)
  8. {{Moe points|Speech}} (Speech, behavior, expressions)
  9. {{Moe points|嗜好习惯}}(嗜好、习惯、性取向类)
  10. {{Moe points|体质病残}}(体质、疾病、残疾类)
  11. {{Moe points|综合其他}}(复合型、综合类及其他类)