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Base Info
Moe Point Inner Color (インナーカラー)
Type Appearance - hair color
Related Moe Points nbicolored hair, multicolored hair

Inner color is a type of hair coloring style, and one of the moe points in ACG subculture.


Inner color is when the inner layer of the hair is dyed a different color than the outer layer.

One can dye the inside of their hair a brighter or more transparent color as an accent color, it is a very popular technique because it looks like the color is very well-managed.

Of course, there are some fictional characters who were born with this hair coloring.

In terms of anime art, the shaded part of the hair color has a higher saturation, which is also a very powerful artistic technique: Even though this has nothing to do with whether the character had an inner color or not, it has a visually similar effect to inner coloring.

In real life, there is a style where in all the hair at the back of the head, that is, the inside of the hair, is dyed another color, there is also a style where in only the hair near the ears is dyed another color.

Characters with this moe point