Both good and evil

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Base Info
Moe Point Both good and evil
Type Personality trait
Related Moe Points antihero, multiple personality disorder

A character being both good and evil is a moe point in ACG subculture.


Characters with this kind of trait usually give people a feeling of uncertainty, but it has to be said that the charisma of characters with this attribute always makes people so infatuated.

Main traits

Characters in ACG with this archetype can usually be understood in the following categories:

  • Split personality
Such characters may be both good and evil due to having Multiple Personality Disorder. Usually, the main character of a character may be good/evil, but due to some reason, the personality splits, and it splits into a completely different kind of good/evil personality. As a result, this character looks "both good and evil". The most prominent example is Saga in Saint Seiya.
  • Their own personality
This kind of character is just behaving like this because of personality problems. It is usually very charming, and many people love it.
  • Only shows their good/evil side to the protagonist, but the opposite to others
Such characters may be friendly/hostile to the protagonist group, and the attitude towards others is diametrically opposite, this kind of character will give people a feeling of gap moe. This kind of character may be so friendly/hostile to the protagonist because it has a special relationship or past with the protagonist.

Characters with this trait

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This list only uses classical characters associated with this moe point as examples.
If you wish to add another character with this moe point, please refer to this category: Category:Both good and evil.
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