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Base Info
Moe Point Edo Dialect
Moe Point Synonyms Tokyo dialect
Type Linguistic dialect
Symbolic Characters Hime Nonohara
Related Moe Points Kansai dialect, Kyushu dialect

The Edo dialect (Japanese: 江戸弁 (えどべん, Edoben) is a dialect of the Japanese language spoken by people in the area of Tokyo, and a moe point in the ACG subculture.


It is a dialect spoken in the Edo (present-day Tokyo) area, and it is divided into two categories: the "upper-class" used by the warriors, and the "Edo language" used by urban residents.


Originally, the boundary between upper-class and lower-class areas was not defined, and with the influx of foreigners moving to Tokyo during the post-war period of high economic growth, the Edo dialect has changed considerably. Not to mention, the "Edo dialect", even the Tokyo high-society language, which had an influence in modern Japanese language, was in danger of disappearing.

Japanese school education aims to popularize the common language, which itself is changing with the times. This has led to the emergence of metropolitan area dialects, which are based on the common language on one hand and the mixture of local dialects in the other. This newly-formed dialect has become the one dominant in Tokyo today. For example, the Tokyo high society used to say "itau gozaimasu" (痛うございます), or "abunou gozaimasu" (危のうございます), where the "gozaimasu" is used an adjectival honorific when accompanied by the "u" sound; the mainstream usage nowadays is "itai desu" (痛いです), "abunai desu" (危ないです).

In ACG works, particularly in anime, the language of the characters is a common language based on the Kanto languages. Although the Edo dialect is a kind of Kanto language, there are many words and expressions that differ from the common language. Characters who are given this Edo dialect are most commonly named Edokko (江戸っ子).

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