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Base Info
Moe Point Half-up
Type External appearance - hairstyle
Related Moe Points half-ponytail, long straight hair, princess braid

Half-up is a hairstyle and a moe point in ACG subcluture.


Half-up is a hairstyle for long hair, which means that part of the hair hangs down naturally on the back, and the other part of the hair is braided or tied behind the head to cover the hanging part of the hair. If the braided or tied hair is short, it can be left just behind the head, if it is long, the extra part can also hang down.

Although this hairstyle is mostly for straight hair, there are also wavy types of half-up, most of which have a straight top part and a curly bottom part.

The difference between this hairstyle and the ponytail is that, on one hand, some hair is left untied to let it hang down naturally (while a ponytail ties most of the hair up); on the other hand, the part of the hair that is tied up will be close to the head (the ponytail generally does not stick to the head after being tied).

Characters with this moe point

Moegirl is watching you.jpg
This is just a list of a few classical characters (note) with this moe point. Please do not add an excessive number of characters to this list.
  • Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry)
  • Rikka Hishikawa (DokiDoki! Pretty Cure)
  • Saint-Germain (Zenki Zesshou Symphogear)
  • Maya Tendou (Revue Starlight)
  • Riko Sakurauchi, Shizuku Osaka (Love Live! series)