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To the Next Stage.
The three members of Project Ling. R-L: Ling Yu, Ling Qiu, and Ling Shuang.

Project Ling (Projectlíng) is a virtual idol project under the banner of Seven Stone Animation.[1]


"Project Ling" is a "U-PGC" commercial project based on the original virtual singer characters of Seven Stone Animation. The first phase of the role is three female singers, named "Ling Yu", "Ling Shuang", "Ling Qiu".[2]



Music itself is mysterious.

What is the nature of music?

Created by a soul, it carries the crystallization of time and effort, life and feelings.

And with every play, a single crystal will affect other souls.

We are excited by exciting melodies, weeping for sad melodies, quiet for soothing melodies, and joyful for the brisk melodies.

All our emotions can resonate and connect through music.

Music is a thread, an existence that connects countless souls.

This connection transcends time and space.

Yes, even dimensions can be surpassed.

"Ling Shi" (聆姼)

They exist to perform music as a mission.

In different worlds, in different dimensions, they have different names.

Singer, idol, VOCALOID,...

Regardless of their name, their mission is always the same.

Interpret each melody, release, sublimate, and pass on to others the feelings contained in the music.

The line itself is just the line.

And they knit and embroider the thread,

Tie the thread to the messenger in the hands of people who are destined to be connected.

At this moment, there is a new "Ling Jia", which is about to be born...


Ling Yu

ProjectLing LingYu.jpg
Name Ling Yu (聆雨)
Birthday March 3
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Age 19
Height 173cm
Moe Points
Let the singing go through dimensions!

The older sister in the group-Ling Yu.

The word "Yu" (雨) comes from the second solar term "rain water" (雨水) in the twenty-four solar terms. It is the time when everything is revived and the rains increase. The "Monthly Order Seventy-two Phrase Collection" has: "In the first month, there is water in the sky. Spring is the beginning of wood, but when the wood grows, water must be water. Therefore, the rain will follow after the beginning of spring. And east wind If it is thawed, it will disperse and become rain."

Personal logo: U

Ur, Ururz

Taken from the second letter in the [[ancient rune alphabet.

It means "strength", which stands for struggle and enterprising.

Change, enthusiasm and turnaround. Female charm, opportunity.

When reversing, it means a missed opportunity.

Delay, lack of ability, doubts, etc.[3]

Ling Shuang

ProjectLing LingShuang.jpg
Name Ling Shuang (聆霜)
Birthday October 23
Horoscope ♎Libra
Age 16
Height 161cm
Moe Points
Singing, it's a bond

"Shuang" (霜) is derived from the eighteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms: "frost drop" (霜降). It is the time when the seasons change from autumn to winter. The "Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" has "In the middle of September, the air is sore and condensed, and the dew is frosty".

Personal logo: B

Beorc, Bjark, Berkana

The eighteenth letter in RUNE text.

It means "birth", the rebirth or new beginning of life, purification, regeneration, new ideas.

Motherhood, tolerance, clear thinking, and humility.

When reversing, the meaning is disharmony,

Failure, death, illness.[4]

Ling Qiu

ProjectLing LingQiu.jpg
Name Ling Qiu (聆秋)
Birthday September 23
Horoscope ♍Virgo
Age 14
Height 150cm
Moe Points
I... will work hard...

The youngest in the group-Ling Qiu. ​​​

"Qiu" (秋) is derived from the sixteenth solar term "autumn equinox" (秋分) in the twenty-four solar terms. "Fen" (分) means the equinox of the day and night. Just like the vernal equinox, the sun shines directly on the earth's equator on this day, and day and night are equal. "Chunqiu Fanlu, Yin and Yang In and Out of the Upper and Lower Chapter" has: "Autumnal Equinox is half of Yin and Yang, so the day and night are average and the cold and heat are calm."

Personal logo: S

Sol, Sunna, sowilu

The sixteenth letter in the RUNE text.

It means "sun", energy, critical moment.

Completeness (both opposites exist at the same time).

Balance, intellectual, victory, joy.

There is no reversal.[5]


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