RoboWarriors: Adventures of Lolo

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This article is about: The Chinese animated series
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Base Info
Original Name 百变机兽之洛洛历险记
(Bǎibiàn jī shòu zhī luòluò lìxiǎn jì)

RoboWarriors: Adventures of Lolo (百变机兽之洛洛历险记), or simply Adventures of Lolo, is a Chinese animated series created by BlueArc Animation Studios.


While playing at home, a boy named Lolo is transported to the virtual world of his favorite computer game, "King of Robotics", and is stuck in the middle of a conflict between the Locomotive Clan and the Beast Clan.




The hero of the Locomotive Clan, who won first place at the interschool computer game competition.


The heroine of the Beast Clan, and a student at Lolo's school.