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This template is for the disambiguation of categories. Similar to {{Category redirect}}, under certain circumstances (e.g., categories of surnames) there may be one-to-many ambiguities, which needs administrators to check carefully and put them into relative categories. So created this template and categories for maintenance. For easier use, you can abbreviated as {{cd}}.

Strictly speaking, unused categories should be deleted, but to prevent the creation of incorrect categories, and guide categorizing works correctly, using this template mark clearly is easier to maintain.

Disambiguation categories can have subcategories.


{{Category disambiguation|1st category|2nd category|3rd category}}


{{Category disambiguation|东方姓(中文)|东方姓(日文)}}
This page is a disambiguate category.
It may refer to: Category:东方姓(中文)Category:东方姓(日文)
Please note that this category should not include any page, all page here should be recategorize to Category:东方姓(中文)Category:东方姓(日文). Welcome to assist in the work. While do not delete the category because of no content, which is to prevent the creation of categories with same name.

Other parameters

  • key: The index value in a disambiguation category, PAGENAME as default.
  • category: Specify maintenance category (modification is not recommended).

Maintenance infomation


See Template:Category redirect.