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This template is used for linking external pictures while adding captions and adjusting formats


{{External image|add=|title=|cap=|align=|w=px|h=px}}
{{External image|add=|cap=|align=|w=px}}

{{External image


This template contains 5 parameters:

  • add The address of the picture, replaced by text if it isn't available. The text defaults to An editor forgot to add the address here. Let's hit him. Mandatory.
  • title The infobox that appears when the mouse hovers over the picture. "<" is prohibited. Optional.
  • cap Caption below the picture. Defaults to No captions.Optional.
  • align How the picture aligns in the page. Either left or right. Defaults to right.
  • w Width of the image. Uses the original width if left blank. If not accompanying h then the image is scaled accordingly.
  • h Height of the image. Uses the original height if left blank. If not accompanying w then the image is scaled accordingly.

If parameter w of the image is specified, the template will be limited to the width of the image, causing excess text to automatically start in a new line.Refer to Example 3 below. But using long lines of consecutive Latin characters will render the limit invalid, such as when using a long weblink.

If it is not wished to have the text automatically start in a new line, please scale the picture with the h parameter.


  • 1 Basic usage
  • {{External image|add=https://i.imgur.com/BrLU94q.png}}
  • 2 Stretching
  • {{External image|add=https://i.imgur.com/BrLU94q.png|cap=喵喵喵喵|w=30px|h=150px}}
  • 3{{External image|add=https://i.imgur.com/BrLU94q.png|cap=喵喵喵喵|align=left|w=30px}}
  • 4{{External image|add=https://i.imgur.com/BrLU94q.png|cap=喵喵喵喵|align=left|h=33px}}