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Did you forget text= or 1=?
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<templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "aliases": [ "text" ], "label": "text", "description": "Text to be placed within the main body.", "example": "Hi, this is an info box!", "type": "string", "required": true }, "width": { "description": "Width of the template. Use CSS units, often percentage(%).", "example": "100px, 50%;", "type": "string", "default": "80%" }, "color": { "description": "Color of the left bar. Use CSS color.", "example": "red, #6527CB, rgb(245,135,38) (rgba not recommended)", "type": "string", "default": "#1e90ff" }, "leftimage": { "description": "The image shown on the left-hand side of the info box. Internal file link recommended, although external URL is also acceptable.", "example": "Disambig gray.svg", "type": "wiki-file-name", "default": "Icon-info.png", "suggested": true }, "text-style": { "description": "Additional text styles, applicable to the text argument.", "type": "string" } }, "description": "Meta template for creating a variety of informational templates. Can also be used on its own.", "paramOrder": [ "1", "width", "color", "leftimage", "text-style" ], "format": "block" } </templatedata>