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This moe point lacks a picture, it needs to be added...
Base Info
Moe Point
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Just copy the following content into the article.

{{Term info
|Picture Info=
|Moe Point=
|Moe Point Synonyms=
|Type = 
|Related Moe Points=

{{Term info
|image=(Cover or theme picture.)
|Picture Info= Notes of the picture. Usually the Pixiv ID of the picture (Pixiv ID: xxxxxxxxxx)
|Moe Point =(The name of the moe point.)
|Moe Point Synonyms = (Other names that the moe point is known by.)
|Type = (The class the moe point belongs to--clothing, personality type, species.)
|Characters=(Fictional characters that are associated with this moe point.)
|Related Moe Points= (Articles that are commonly associated with the moe point.)

Note: For items that won't be used in the moe point info template, just leave them blank, do not delete the items.