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This template includes the Virtual YouTubers (Virtual Livers) of ANYCOLOR's Nijisanji, VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI ID, NIJISANJI IN, NIJISANJI KR, NIJISANJI EN, etc. Please feel free to correct info at any time.

Search instructions
  • Italics indicates that the Liver is no longer active or the project is terminated.
  • The former Nijisanji 1st and 2nd Gen members, Nijisanji SEEDs and Nijisanji Gamers have been integrated into Nijisanji, but this template still keeps the original group categories for the convenience of searching.
  • English name is displayed by default, you can use the switch on the top right to switch to display other language names.
Usage description
  • Insert {{nijisanji}} inside the page to embed this template
  • Use JP, VR, ID, IN, KR, EN, Other as parameters to change de default display category, such as{{nijisanji|JP}}
  • Usecollapsedto invoke the template in its collapsed state, such as {{nijisanji|collapsed}}
Editing notes

Metatemplates used: Template:nijisanji/liverbox and Template:nijisanji/navbox-above
Embedded CSS styles used: Template:nijisanji/styles.css

Parameter description:

  • Nameles 1: Their name in English
  • Nameless 2: Original name
  • Nameless 3:Original name's language, default is Japanese. en for English, ko for Korean.
  • l(note): Article name, default is transliteration or original name
  • retire: Type "true" if they graduated
  • To use profile images: Template:nijisanji/sprite
    • When using the default image, specify which row the current character is in from the top with h
    • Using other images(note)Specify the image name with i and the number of people in the image c when using other images, the default is 1
  • the current character is the first from the left in the picture, default is 1
  • k: Avatar background color, default is silver (Color code: preferably refer to にじさんじ Wiki Wikiwiki's Nijisanji Wiji (Japanese), or refer to official website and record in lowercase)

Editing assistance: