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This template was set to keep mobile users from affected when reading articles with substituted sidebar pictures.

How to use

Simply copy the contents below and paste it into the article you wish to use it in.



|url=The name of the picture (can be internal or external pictures. No "File:" prefix is needed for the former.)
|align=Alignment of the picture (top/bottom, defaulted to bottom)
|bottom=The distance between the picture and the bottom/top frame.(Optional, defaulted to 0px, units available in % or in px.)
|left=The distance between the picture and the left frame.(Optional, defaulted to -3px. Units available in % or px.)
|width=Width of the picture. (optional. Defaulted to auto. Units available in % or in px.)

The url parameter can be abbreviated as simply the first parameter like:



CAUTION: This template is invalid if no picture is provided.

※ Put this template at the bottom of the page (instead of the top), to avoid being shared as a supplementary picture of the article.

※ Please put this template above the==External links==