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This template is used to display the current user's name, but please note that it cannot be used as a parameter or variable of templates other than formatting templates, it should be only used to display user names.


This template can specify an anonymous parameter to display a name when the user is not logged in, the default value is "Moegirlpe-tan".


  • If logged in, it will display the current user's name.
  • If not:
    • {{UserName}} → Moegirlpe-tan
    • {{UserName|Doctor}} → Doctor


This template may make readers confused or panicked, so please only use it reasonably and cautiously when necessary, and make annotations appropriately. Do not write offensive words or other inappropriate contents with this template.

In view of the above, there would be an annotation show compulsively to notice readers. You can refer to the Annotation section at the bottom of this documentation.


  1. Tip: This is your user name displayed automatically by the {{UserName}} template.