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Original Name Thunderbirds
Translation Name サンダーバード (Japanese)
Region UK
Original run September 30, 1965-1966
Episodes 32
Production company A.P. Films/Century 21 Films
Director Gerry Anderson
Writer Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Music Barry Gray
Producer Gerry Anderson
Reg Hill
Original network ATV
Licenser ITV Studios
Platform Britbox
Status Finished
Linked works Thunderbirds Are Go
seasons 2

Thunderbirds was a 1965 British puppet television series, created by Gerry Anderson and his wife Sylvia Anderson under their company A.P. Films (later known as Century 21 Films).


The series is one of the many who apply the technique of Supermarionation: Advanced puppet animation combined with practical special effects.


Somewhere in the world is a place called Tracy Island, home to the ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy and his five sons Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon, and Alan. The five of them are members of the organization International Rescue, which Jeff founded. Each of them pilots a special rescue vehicle called a "Thunderbird", each Thunderbird is suitable for different situations.


International Rescue

A top-secret organization.

Jeff Tracy
The father of the five Tracy brothers, and founder of International Rescue.

The Thunderbirds

Scott Tracy
Eldest Tracy brother, pilot of Thunderbird 1.
Virgil Tracy
Pilot of Thunderbird 2, in charge of heavy lifting and logistics.
Alan Tracy
Astronaut of Thunderbird 3, in charge of space rescue.
Gordon Tracy
The pilot of Thunderbird 4, in charge of submarine/underwater rescue operations.
John Tracy
The space monitor managing Thunderbird 5; he is the communications operator.

Other members

The mechanic, who speaks with a stutter. His real name is unknown, but he has used aliases.
Jeff Tracy's colleague, a Malaysian man.
Tin-Tin Kyrano
Kyrano's daughter.
Grandma Tracy
The mother of Jeff and the grandmother of the five Tracy brothers.


Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Or simply Lady Penelope, she is an agent from London. Her vehicle is the FAB-1, a pink car.
Aloysius Parker
Also known as simply Parker. He is Lady Penelope's butler.


The Hood
An unscrupulous man who wants to reveal the secrets of International Rescue, he is also a master of disguise, and can hypnotize others.