Thunderbirds Are Go

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Thunderbirds Are Go
Thunderbirds 2015.webp
Original Name
Translation Name
Region United Kingdom
Original run April 1, 2015-February 22, 2020
Episodes 78
Studio ITV Studios
Pukeko Pictures
Weta Workshop
Directed by David Scott
Theo Baynton
Karl Essex
Tim Gaul
Written by Ian Carney
Andrew Robinson
Benjamin Townsend
Amy Wolfram
Music by Ben Foster
Nick Foster
Voiced by Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Rasmus Hardiker
David Menkin
Kayvan Novak
Angel Coulby
David Graham
Linked works Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds Are Go is a British animated series.


The series is majorly based upon the original 1965 show, combining 3D animation with real-life miniatures[1]--this method is called Hypermarionation.



International Rescue

A top-secret organization which specializes in search and rescue missions.

The Thunderbirds

Scott Tracy
The eldest Tracy brother, pilot of Thunderbird 1.
Virgil Tracy
Alan Tracy
The youngest of the Tracy brothers, astronaut and pilot of Thunderbird 3.
Gordon Tracy
John Tracy

Other members

Tanusha "Kayo" Kyrano
Covert Ops agent and Security Chief. The pilot of Thunderbird Shadow.
The engineer, whose real name is Hiram K. Hackenbacker and is of Indian descent. Like his original 1965 counterpart, he speaks with a stutter, but it is less frequent here.
Grandma Tracy
The grandmother of the Tracy brothers, and Jeff's mother.


Lady Penelope
The agent from London.
Penelope's butler.
Jeff Tracy
Father of the five Tracy brothers, and founder of International Rescue. He went missing and was believed to be dead, but it was revealed that he actually survived the "explosion" of his ship, the TV-21 (actually, it was an aftershock). He is finally found and saved in the Season 3 finale.
An artificial intelligence inside Thunderbird 5, born from a code created by John.


The Hood
The Mechanic
The Chaos Crew


  • Executive Producer: Richard Taylor
  • Head Writer: Rob Hoegee
  • Writers: Ian Carney, Andrew Robinson, Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler, Ken Pontac, Paul Giacoppo, Benjamin Townsend, Amy Wolfram, Scott Sonneborn (S1), Jeremy Adams, Ellie Brewer, Rich Fogel, Patrick Rieger, David Baddiel (S2), Jonathan Callan, Len Uhley, Patrick Rieger, Dan Berlinka (S3)
  • Directors: David Scott, Theo Baynton, Andrew McCully (S1), Tim Gaul, Simon Godsiff, Ben Milsom, Chad Moffitt (S2), Karl Essex, Shinji Dawson (S3)
  • Composers: Ben Foster, Nick Foster
  • Miniatures Composition/Animation: Weta Workshop


  • Scott, Alan: Rasmus Hardiker
  • Virgil, Gordon: David Newman
  • John: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  • Kayo: Angel Coulby
  • Brains: Kayvan Novak
  • Grandma Tracy: Sandra Dickinson
  • Lady Penelope: Rosamund Pike
  • Parker: David Graham
  • EOS: Teresa Gallagher
  • The Hood: Andres Williams
  • The Mechanic: Chris Jarman


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