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20200712 Personal translation of Moegirlpedia:About

Moegirlpedia:About has been updated. This section is closed.
The discussion is here.

Translating Help:Wiki quickstart & Moegirlpedia:Editing guidelines from zhmoe:Help:Wiki入门 & zhmoe:Project:编辑规范

This section has been divided into two parts and moved to User:GuoPC/Sandbox/Help:Wiki quickstart and User:GuoPC/Sandbox/Moegirlpedia:Editing guidelines.

Categorizing log

Templates need adding documents
  1. {{Catmore}}
  2. {{Catnav}}
Templates need adding to Category:Formatting templates in documents
  1. {{Navbox}}
  2. {{Navbox subgroup}}
English-Chinese table for categories
Temporary references for categorizing work, not stand for official namings.
Welcome editing.
English Chinese Notes
Category:Template documentation zhmoe:Category:模板说明文档
Category:Auxiliary templates zhmoe:Category:辅助模板
Category:Formatting templates zhmoe:Category:格式模板
Category:Discussion templates zhmoe:Category:讨论模板
Category:Disambiguation templates zhmoe:Category:消歧义模板
Category:Meta templates zhmoe:Category:元模板
Category:Maintenance templates N/A
Category:Informational templates zhmoe:Category:信息模板
Category:Functional templates zhmoe:Category:功能模板
Category:Language templates zhmoe:Category:语言模板
Category:Userbox templates zhmoe:Category:用户框模板
Category:Image maintenance templates zhmoe:Category:图像维护模板
Category:Internal link templates zhmoe:Category:内部链接模板
Category:External link templates zhmoe:Category:外部链接模板
Category:Page-top templates zhmoe:Category:页顶提示模板 Rename?
Category:Serial works page-top templates zhmoe:Category:系列作品页顶模板‎
Category:Navigational templates zhmoe:Category:导航模板‎
Category:Templates with TemplateStyles zhmoe:Category:使用模板样式的模板‎
Category:Category page templates zhmoe:Category:分类页模板‎
English Chinese Notes
Category:Disambiguation categories zhmoe:Category:消歧义分类
Category:Unclear disambiguation categories zhmoe:Category:尚未清空的消歧义分类 Rename?