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This user page is currently under construction! But it seems like it's been abandoned…
About Me
Name 枫虹かえでにじ乐然らくぜん
Aliases Frankフランク, Leranjun, frankly.not.frank, fnf
Pages Created 172
Contributions 469
Score 206
Blood type O
Zodiac Sign Libra
Birthday September 25th
Age 14 forever!
Height Kinda tall
Weight A bit chubby (?)
Eye Color black
Hair Color black
BWH C'mon, I'm a boy!
Moe Points (Will be filled in later…?)
From CN
Active In CN, SG
Group Affiliation Moegirlpedia Virtual YouTuber Editors
Personal Status Procrastinating
Friends SIMC
Related Personnel
Mama: Nana! 🌶️
The start of it all: Kizuna AI


はおー! This is Rakuzen speaking!

I am new to Moegirlpedia, and is mainly active on Chinese Moegirlpedia.

However, I'm willing to contribute to English Moegirlpedia using my knowledge!

You're more than welcome to ping me or email me if you wish. I'm online most of the time!

And please visit my Chinese user page as well, if you can read Chinese. There are more interesting stuff there!

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