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LASER profile.jpg
Origin China
Agency MissEvan Entertainment
Debut Date July 17, 2020
Gu Ziyao, Lin Zhi, Qiao Shu, Xia Yuyang

LASER is a virtual boy group created by MissEvan. They are the main characters of MissEvan's radio drama LASER Debut Day[1].


They are the first "voice-oriented" virtual boy group produced by MissEvan. Their agency is the fictional MissEvan Entertainment, which held auditions for three years to choose new talents.


When they were still trainees, Ziyao and Lin Zhi discovered their new dorm, while Qiao Shu and Xia Yuyang were spying on them. When they encountered each other, Lin Zhi explained they were to join him and Ziyao as members of MissEvan Entertainment's new group. Shu and Yuyang were shocked.[note 1] A few days later, they were having dinner, which Yuyang himself cooked.[note 2]

On July 12, at exactly 4:00 p.m., they held their official debut stage.

The next day, Yuyang and Qiao Shu looked for themselves online. They had found out that fans had been spreading malicious comments about them, some relating to the fact that Ziyao was the heir to a company's fortune.[note 3]

For most of the duration of the radio drama, they were chased by crazed fans.[note 4]

They also were actors in a drama TV series,[note 5] and starred in a variety show[note 6].

On October 26, 2020, they held their special broadcast, "LOVE LASER", commemorating their first 100 days since debut.


Name Position Color Voice Actor
Gu Ziyao (顾子尧) Leader, Rapper White Ling Fei
Lin Zhi (林致) Main Vocalist Grayish Blue Wu Xian
Qiao Shu (乔殊) Visual Pink Wen Sen
Xia Yuyang (夏予扬) Vocalist, Youngest Mint Green Chen Zhang Taikang


Digital singles

Title Release Date
Focus on You July 12, 2020
May We Still Have The Courage (愿我们还有勇气) September 2, 2020
Seduction of Suspect A (嫌疑人A的诱惑) September 26, 2020
I Am The King (我即是王) December 6, 2020
Hello, Alice (你好,爱丽丝) January 12, 2021
Fade Away (式微) February 13, 2021
Do You Still Pursue the Light? (你还在追着光吗) July 11, 2021
Gravitational Force (万有引力) July 18, 2021
Wilderness Psalm (旷野诗篇) September 29, 2021
LASER's world December 31, 2021


  • Their (unofficial) fandom name is Light Chaser (追光者).

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