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Riichi Ippatsu Tanpinsanshoku
~Welcome to SomeyaMako's Mahjong House!~
This page is recently updated at 2022-05-17 05:10:03(local time).
Notice: This page is about a user on this wiki.
This user has nothing to do with a character named 染谷まこ in the manga/anime Saki.
とりこゑす ゆめさま
わたる ひんがし
そらいろえて おき
ふねぬ もやうち 
— 《とりなくうた》

— 大星 淡

SomeyaMako deeeeeesu!

Every "SomeyaMako" here refers to the current iteration of this User.

If something happens on her, she probably will move into her next iteration. The new SomeyaMako will inherit part of her important memories and personalities of the old one and generate something new to fill in the blanks.


SomeyaMako is a high school student in Heilongjiang, China.

SomeyaMako's Names:

  • English Name: Alexander Ao, or Alex for short
  • Japanese Name: 清水しみず あかり(Akari Shimizu) or 清水 あきら(Akira Shimizu) or 清水 明 in Kanji.
    • The pronunciation of the third one can be either the first or the second.
    • The second one preferred.
    • 清水 is NOT pronounced as 「きよみず」(Kiyomizu) or 「せいすい」(Seisui) here.
  • Chinese Name: 安止雨(An Zhiyu) (Internet only)
  • Nickname: SomeyaMako or Sm for short

SomeyaMako's birthday is Feb 22.

For some reason, SomeyaMako isn't very active on MoegirlPedia for now.


Mother language: Mandarin

  • Usually written in Simplified Chinese characters.
  • Also studied Traditional Chinese characters.

Second language: English

  • Flawed.
  • Needs dictionary to look up words sometimes.

Other natural languages:

  • Can read some Japanese words or sentences.
  • Can speak little Japanese.
  • Can pronounce Russian and Korean words or sentences.

Programming languages:

  • Studied basic C and C++.
    • Can write basic data structures like segment trees or BSTs or basic algorithms in graph theory, number theory, etc. with them (C++ preferred).
  • Know a little Python and Lua (documents needed when writing in them).

Personalities, Hobbies and Interests