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Riichi mahjong (Japanese: リーチ麻雀, riichi maajan or usually 麻雀, maajan for short), or Japanese mahjong, is a variation of mahjong rules derived from Chinese Mahjong.

Brief Introduction

Riichi mahjong is one of the most popular games in Japan. In recent years, thanks to anime works such as Saki, its international popularity has therefore increased.

Riichi mahjong got is name from one of its important rules - Riichi (Japanese: リーチ or 立直).

The number of players in a game of riichi mahjong is usually 3 or 4. At the beginning of the game, all players are given 13 tiles (14 for the dealer). They needed to draw tiles or call for tiles to construct a winning hand with at least 1 yaku, and win points calculated by han and fu. When the game ends, players calculate their rankings or total points to decide who's the winner, who's the second place, etc.

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