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Discussion on the draft

Content pending discussion
"Composition of administrators" section
  1. (+)Agree: It's necessary to create Special pages for different user groups.
EnMGP & ZhMGP Article Milestones sections
  1. (+)Agree: Using UTC time is okay.
  2. (+)Agree: Wikitables are much easier to read than plain texts.
"Funds" section
  1. (+)Agree: I think MGP is a project, but not a program. Just like Wikipedia.
  2. ( ¡ )However: As what you've said, the foundation site has been terminated, I think there is no need to keep this section.
"Website Status" section
  1. (+)Agree: Widget:Moegirlstats is necessary (if data from Google Analytics is necessary).
"Problems" section
  1. (+)Agree: Translate "伸手党" to "freeloaders" is okay, ( ¡ )but the link is a ZhMGP one...
  2. (?)For the sentence "Translators from Chinese Moegirlpedia are more less.": I think maybe it means "There are few editors from ZhMGP that also help with translating ZhMGP articles to EnMGP"? ( ¡ )But translating articles directly from ZhMGP goes against the CC License, right?
"Others" section
  1. (?)For the release date of this site: It seems that before Revision 7, the website was still under construction.
Other revision
(+)Support, great job!

(:)Advice: I think it's necessary to ask the authorities (like Bureaucrats or Administrators) to discuss things that are related to the policy of EnMGP (like the funding under "How is it run?" section).

--GuoPC 14:25, 31 July 2020 (UTC)
@GuoPC Thank you so much for your thoughts! Yes, this will have to be reviewed by a sysop. I tried to ask in the group chat, but no one has replied yet. I'll wait some more, and if no one shows up I'll ping them on the discussion board. Thanks again for taking the initiative!
P.S. I just saw Ann's edit on ZhMGP:About, so I might make a few changes accordingly as well ;) --EnMGP:~ Leranjun$ Home · Talk · Contrib 05:14, 1 August 2020 (UTC)
(+)Entirely support this revision. --GuoPC 📝 00:47, 5 August 2020 (UTC)