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The full name of Moegirlpe-tan is the Kanban Musume of Moegirlpedia (Chinese:萌百娘Méngbǎiniáng).Sheor he is the anthropomorphism of Moegirlpedia®.

Current jobs

  • Send welcome message to new user. In fact by sysops and patrollers in the name of her.←that's on Chinese Moegirlpedia; on the English version, some users (such as Honoka55 etc.) are doing that job.
  • Act moe. ←that's on Chinese Moegirlpedia; on the English version, you can only see her on the top left (logo).

Character settings

After the site-girl investment activity, on 1st September 2013 the work illustrated by Ligonglang was chosen.

  • Birthday:11th, October (the International Loli's Day, and the day when (Chs. version) Moegirlpedia was set up).
  • Hair color:aqua hair
  • Her bust ∝ articles in Moegirlpedia.

Her voice :

萌娘百科,万物皆可萌 (means Moegirlpedia, everything can be moe!)


Sheor he looks like a gentlewoman, but sheor he is crazy on ACGN. Sheor he guards this huge moe girl records library created by everyone. Sheor he also teaches new editor how to edit Moegirlpedia.
Sheor he's tennen-boke, sometimes sheor he makes mistakes ,so Moegirlpedia needs edited, updated and completed all the time.

Profession · Job

Archivist&editor.Mainly responsible for organizing and updating archives.


The Kanban Musume of Moegirlpedia is a registered trademark.You can not commercial use it without authorization.

Moegirlpedia allows any individual and group to use, adapt or create a new image for a non-profit under Chinese law. (that is, to make a non-profit cosplay for the Kanban Girl of Moegirlpedia,to make use of the pictures and models of its image for the non-profit purpose, without the need to obtain the official authorization.)

Moegirlpedia Reserves the right to claim for compensation if anyone uses the image of The Kanban Musume of Moegirlpedia to create the works what against the law or do not

accord with Moegirlpedia's values.