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MooBoo Cops
MooBoo Cops.png
Original Name Méng bào zhān jìng (萌宝战警)
Translation Name MooBoo Cops
Original run 2019
Episodes 26
Studio JY Animation

MooBoo Cops is a Chinese animated series.


Little Rock City is a town located on a small island in the sea which is rich in resources. One day, Dr. Douban suddenly disappeared, and the science geek "Abacus" took the opportunity to use "black technology" to create mechanical monsters to plunder the resources, find unlimited energy and rule Little Rock City. One day Dr. Douban's son Dou Ding received a gift - artificial intelligence robot Babu, who also brought in the MooBoo Cops - super mecha vehicles. Dou Ding formed a "super team", who, piloting the MooBoo Cops, have the task of protecting Little Rock City and finding Dr. Douban.


Dou Ding (豆丁)
The Leader of the MooBoo Cops, his theme color is blue.
Shi Tou (石头)
His theme color is yellow.
Ke Le (可乐)
Her theme color is red.
Ke Nuo (可诺)
Her theme color is pink.
Babu (巴布)
The small robot companion of the team.