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  • Symbol list item

This template is suitable for the introduction of companies, organizations and societies.

The template involves some very complex parameters. If you have better ideas and want to add some new items, it is recommended to ask for help in Help:Discussion board.


{{Company Infobox
|title = 
|image = 
|size = 
|caption =
|tabs =
|company name =
|alias =
|type = 
|predecessor = 
|successor = 
|founded = 
|defunct = 
|headquarters = 
|parent = 
|subsidiaries = 
|main works =
|founder = 
|key people = 
|related = 
|website = 
  • [title-color], [left-column-color], when not in use, are green by default, when used but no color is filled in, the default value is white; [title-color] is white by default, and the color is filled in: Help:List of colors.
  • size: The default is 250px.
  • caption: displayed below the picture, the premise is to call [image].
  • [tabs]: used to activate {{Tabs}}. When you use {{Tabs}} to display work-related pictures, please do not use [image], [caption] or [size].
    • For the detailed usage of Tabs, please refer to {{Tabs/doc}}.
  • All are optional items.


{{Company Infobox
|title = Kyoto Animation
|image = 
|size = 
|caption =
|tabs =
|company name = Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. (株式会社京都アニメーション)
|alias = KyoAni (京アニ)
|type = ''Kabushiki gaisha''
|predecessor = 
|successor = 
|founded = 1981
|defunct = 
|headquarters = Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
|parent = 
|subsidiaries = Animation Do
|main works = ''K-On!''
|founder = Yoho Hatta<br>Hideaki Hatta
|key people = Hideaki Hatta (President)<br/>Yoko Hatta (Vice-President)
|related = 
|website = [https://kyotoanimation.co.jp kyotoanimation.co.jp]


Kyoto Animation
Company name Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. (株式会社京都アニメーション)
Also known as KyoAni (京アニ)
Type Kabushiki gaisha
Founded 1981
Headquarters Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Subsidiaries Animation Do
Main works K-On!
Founder Yoho Hatta
Hideaki Hatta
Key people Hideaki Hatta (President)
Yoko Hatta (Vice-President)
Website kyotoanimation.co.jp