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Name 天枷美春
Birthday March 6
Horoscope ♓Pisces
Age 14
Height 153cm
Weight 39kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Orange
CV Kanda Akemi
Moe Points loli
Related Characters
Asakura Yume, Tsukishiro Alice

Amakese Miharu(天枷美春)is a character of "Da Capo", produced by CIRCUS.


Miharu is in senior 2, a grade lower than Nemu, she is addicted to bananas. She has been friends with Jun'ichi and Nemu since they were young. Miharu is very approached to Nemu, they are both members of the judgement.

Miharu is an active and energic girl. {{{1}}}



CG of Miharu

Miharu is 1 year old younger than Jun'ichi and his sister, she has a necklace with a key like a clockwork spring around her neck.

At the end of Feb. in the scenario, Miharu fell from a tree and then in coma. For fear of delaying her study, his father created a robot which looks completely the appearence of Miharu. To avoid the spread of this secret, Jun'ichi was selected carer of Miharu the robot.

Her necklace is the tool to harness, which is also the key to a musicbox buried 6 years early with a piece of word reading "I want to stay together forever with Jun'ichi".

Nobody found out that Miharu should be a robot, so Miharu the robot much tried to search for the memories and feelings of the real Miharu, which is a great burden to the robotic system. Even, what the robot found is nothing but her imagination.

To make the matters worth, Nemu felt contradictive after had known the fact of the robot.

But Jun'ichi still loves Miharu the robot, which made her stop to treasure the real life.


Anime design

Miharu stopped working forever at the end of May. At the last moment, she was accompanied by Jun'ichi and the musicbox.

Game Route translation)

Miharu and bananas

天枷 美春
一般选择 【现在就起床吧】
一般选择 【独自一人】

一般选择 【时间宝贵不该浪费】
一般选择 【商店街】
一般选择 【真麻烦】(注:此选项在clear樱线之后才有,如果打了全CG存档会出现这个选项。)
闹钟设定 「刚刚好」

场景选择 「走廊」
场景选择 「风见学园」
闹钟设定 「刚刚好」

场景选择 「校门」
一般选择 【从不拒绝别人好意的男人】 ☆【我是孤高的男人】以下选择相同【CG回收】
场景选择 「樱花公园」
闹钟设定 「刚刚好」

场景选择 「教室」
场景选择 「风见学园」
闹钟设定 「刚刚好」

场景选择 「屋顶」
场景选择 「神社」
闹钟设定 「刚刚好」




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