Aya Shameimaru

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Aya Shameimaru in Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Traditional Reporter of Fantasy
Aya Shameimaru
射命丸 文しゃめいまる あや
Species Crow Tengu
Abilities Manipulation of wind
Age over 1000 years old
Hair color Black
Occupation Newspaper writer, reporter
Belongs to Youkai Mountain
Location Youkai Mountain
Moe Points short hair,red pupil,black hair,wing,tip ears,reporter,tengu
relative characters

Aya Shameimaru is Gensokyo's resident reporter, known for writing "slightly" exaggerated news articles about anything that happens in Gensokyo. She's very strong and is probably stronger than she shows since she sometimes "accidentally wins" battles while only meaning to cover a news story.