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Bima-S poster.jpg
Original Name
Translation Name
Original run October 4, 2020-present
Episodes 26
Studio MNC Animation
MNC Studios
Voiced by Surry
Jessy Millanti
Mohammad Romli
Fitra Hartono
Abdul Aziz
Bima Sakti
Hardi Dian Anto

Bima-S is an Indonesian animated television series produced by MNC Animation.


In the year 2200, space travel and encounters with extraterrestrials were commonplace.

Satria, a 17-year-old man who lives on the Planet Eidos. Satria looks like a teenager, loves to explore, is brave, and full of surprises. Satria is able to transform into BIMA, a super hero with various moves and powerful weapons.

With his five best friends; Prof. Tee the scientist, Aurora the mechanic, Ve the warrior girl, and the two magical birds Nadra and Rama, Satria must fight against the terrible monsters created by Infernus, as well as various unimaginable obstacles to gather the power of the 7 magic matrixes and protect the galaxy.


Main characters

Voiced by Surry

The main character.

Voiced by Jessy Millanti
Voiced by Melati
Professor T
Voiced by Mohammad Romli

A dog-like alien scientist.

Nadra and Rama
Voiced by Melati (both)

A pair of magical birds.

Voiced by Abdul Aziz


Season 1

  1. Soul Transformation (October 4, 2020)
  2. Beginning of Bima (October 11, 2020)
  3. Trust Must Be Earned (October 18, 2020)
  4. Two Face (November 1, 2020)
  5. Unexpected Guest (November 8, 2020)
  6. Na! Ra! Chi! (November 15, 2020)
  7. One Condition (November 29, 2020)
  8. Late Dinner (December 6, 2020)
  9. Satria's Journal (December 13, 2020)
  10. Masked Warrior (December 20, 2020)
  11. Angel Project (December 27, 2020)
  12. Infernus (January 13, 2021)
  13. The Seven Waterfalls (April 11, 2021)
  14. Fire Sword (April 18, 2021)
  15. Golden Time (April 25, 2021)
  16. Sacred Forest (May 2, 2021)
  17. Death Race (May 9, 2021)
  18. Blue Fire Fruit (May 16, 2021)
  19. Tree of Love (May 23, 2021)
  20. Cosmo, My Pals (May 30, 2021)
  21. Restless Fight (June 6, 2021)
  22. The Blacksmith (June 13, 2021)
  23. Into the Darkness (June 20, 2021)
  24. Fight or Die (June 27, 2021)
  25. Beginning of Chaos (July 4, 2021)
  26. Final Showdown (July 11, 2021)

Season 2

  1. Prof. T's Secret (December 5, 2021)
  2. Crystal Resin (January 2022)

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