Black Cat Detective

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Black Cat Detective
Original Name 黑猫警长 (Hēi māo jǐng zhǎng)
Translation Name Black Cat Detective
Black Cat Sheriff
Mr. Black
Region China
Original run 1984~1987
Episodes 5
Studio Shanghai Art Film Studio
Directed by Dai Tielang, Fan Madi, Xiong Nanqing
Written by Dai Tielang
Music by Zhu Gang, An Ping, Shen Xiaocen
Voiced by Shi Dongmin
Wang Wei
Zhang Quanling
Zhan Che
Yang Wenyuan
State Completed

Black Cat Detective is an animation produced by Shanghai Art Film Studio from 1984 to 1987 based on the original comic of by Zhu Zhixiang. It was created by the director Dai Tielang. The first season has 5 episodes in total. It spawned a 12-episode second season, a movie, and comics.



The story of Black Cat Detective basically happened in a forest.

Black Cat Detective of the Forest Public Security Bureau brought his subordinate White Cat Leader, White Dove Detective and many police officers to detect cases and maintain the peace of the forest.


Black Cat Detective

The captain of the police squad in the forest leads the police partners to fight against various criminals in the forest, such as rats, monkey eagles, and cat-eaters.

White Cat

The assistant of the Black Cat Sergeant helped the Black Cat Sergeant fight forest crimes, and was eventually persecuted by an ear mother who ate cats and mice and died heroically.

Pigeon Detective

The police co-operator was sent by the black cat sergeant to scout the nest of the monkey eagle and was unfortunately injured.


One of the members who moved the hamster was shot off by the black cat sergeant, so it was called an ear.

Monkey Eagle

Appeared in the second episode. Attacked the forest dwellers and looted many small animals. With the assistance of the white pigeon detective, he was finally arrested by the black cat sheriff.

Mantis couple

The mantis girl and the mantis boy who fell in love at first sight. The little animals held a grand wedding for them. On the morning of the wedding day, everyone found that the groom had been eaten. It turns out that it is a mantis habit for the bride to eat the groom. In order to breed the next generation, the groom must make sacrifices.

Eating cat and mouse The one-eared mother-in-law, who appeared on the scene in the fifth episode, killed the white cat squad leader, and was eventually wiped out by the Black Cat Detective.

Staff and cast


  • Original work: Zhu Zhixiang
  • Director: Dai Tielang, Fan Madi, Xiong Nanqing
  • Screenwriter: Dai Tielang
  • Art design: Dai Tielang
  • Character design: Gu Jianguo
  • Painting supervision: Xu Songpo, Fu Feiqing
  • Photography: Duan Xiaoxuan, Wang Fukang
  • Editing: Xiao Huaihai, Li Kaiji
  • Editor: Pan Guoxiang
  • Music: Zhugang, Anping, Shen Xiaocen
  • Animation Production: Shanghai Art Film Studio
  • Producer: Yin Xiyong
  • Produced by: Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio

Voice cast

Black Cat Detective: Shi Dongmin White Cat Squad Leader: Wang Wei White Pigeon Inspector: Zhang Quanling