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Connie-chan new.jpg
Name Connie-chan/コニーちゃん
Birthday May 8
Horoscope ♉Taurus
Age 8
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Ginger (8 years old)
Pink (18 years old)
CV Chris Tomoko
Moe Points Genki
From United States of America
Group Affiliation Ponkickies
Related Characters
Gachapin and Mukku

Connie-chan is a character from the Ponkickies franchise.


A girl who is half-Japanese (father's side) and half-American (mother's side). She is bilingual (can speak both English and Japanese) and her special skill is rock-paper-scissors. The topknot on her head will grow when she's happy. She has two pet frogs called Newton and Francis.[1]