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Base Info
Original Name 舞法天女
Translation Name Dancing Baby
Original Work Format Manhua
Original Work Writer Dai Ya Ya
Adapted Format Live-action series
Region China

Dancing Baby (舞法天女) is a Chinese media franchise. Its first installment was the manhua of the same name, published in 2015. It was later adapted into a live-action TV series in 2016.


The Mixed Dance Tribe completely destroyed the World of Dance. Joined by the Dancing Babies, the Dancing Angels sealed the Mixed Dance King on the ground, and left to the Kingdom of Clouds in order to recover. The magical gimmick "Dofala", which caused countless troubles, is hidden inside a human boy named Sky by the Dancing Angels.

6000 years later, the Holy Demon Transfer Day had come. The Demon King had decided to take advantage of the occasion, and summoned his seven Mixed Dance Demons to find the whereabouts of "Dofala", at Dongyin Primary School. The Holy Queen Wasi appointed three Dancing Angels to rush to the vicinity of the school. They use the "Xianlewu" Cafe as a secret base to train the Dancing Babies to resist the demons, protect Sky and the artifact "Dofala" enclosed inside him. Unexpectedly, the Demon King came prepared this time and used discarded dolls to create waves of chaos. The Dancing Babies were childlike and caused many problems. At that time, the Guardian Wisdom Saint and the Bird Star Bag have been declared missing... Under these circumstances, can "Dofala" really return to the Kingdom of Clouds intact?



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