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Name DooDoo
Other Names 嘟嘟
Age 20[1]
Height Tadpole: 135 cm
Human type: 177 [1]cm
Weight Tadpole: 3 kg
Human type: 70[1]kg
Eye Color blue
Hair Color blue
Moe Points Tadpoles, frogs, white skin, hoodies, one-leg pants, short boots, transformations, naughty
From Taipei,China
Active in YouTube
Group Affiliation VOICE MITH, V-Club
related characters
V-Club:LanCee, HeiHei, DooDoo
VOICE MITH:Xia Yu Yao, Joan, Oscar, ZETA

DooDoo is a naughty tadpole launched by VOICE MITH in 2016. It originally debuted in the form of Line stickers. In the second half of 2019, it became a fans page editor[2][3], it became a VTuber on YouTube from March 30, 2021.


  • It is the most uncontrollable member in V-Club. Every time it makes a mistake, it will walk away immediately, no one will ever catch it. It is the most troublesome and funny member. But when it transforms from tadpoles into human form, he is a leader in the role, letting the members I feel very reliable[1]
  • After feeding coriander, it can transform from tadpoles into human form. [1] But if the coriander is left for too long, the transformation will fail. [3]
  • Speaking is very rude. Because of this, the company asked him to be an editor and to learn some official accents. They hope it will be more polite, but this is useless so he became a VTuber.[3]
  • Has a channel with DeeLA.
  • Afraid to exceed 3 kg

Character design

Tadpole Form

  • The height is 135 cm, which is huge in the tadpole world.[3]
  • It weighs 3 kg, which is not fat, but has a large skeleton. [3]
  • Have a pair of watery eyes. [3]

Human Form

  • 70 kg, 177 cm, and he thinks he is very handsome. [3]




  • In the second half of the year, it started to work as a fan page editor[2]



  • On March 25th, DooDoo joined the new project V-Club (full name Voicemith Vtuber Club) launched by VOICE MITH. [5]
  • The introduction video [1] was released on YouTube on March 30th.
  • The call for marshmallow questions began in April 7 and announced that he will host his first live broadcast for the first time with DeeLA on April 13th. [6]
  • He made his first live broadcast with DeeLA on April 13, answering marshmallow questions from fans. It revealed the human voice for the first time in a live broadcast. However, it was supposed to be made public at the end, but a fan who was there as soon as they started broadcasting asked him to transform and speak in the marshmallow question. He transformed and spoke for her.


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