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Name 氦氦HeiHei
Birthday February 17
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Age 16[1]
Height 150cm
told externally, the actual company volume is 147.2[1]cm
Weight 20g She is a cake after all.[2]
told externally, the actual company volume is 50[1]kg
Eye Color red
Hair Color red
Moe Points Strawberry cake, have no sense of direction, hairpin, bow
From Taipei,China
Active in YouTube, Bilibili
Group Affiliation VOICE MITH, V-Club
related characters
V-Club:LanCee, DeeLA, DooDoo
VOICE MITH:Oscar, Xia Yu Yao, Joan, ZETA

HeiHei (氦氦) is a VTuber that has been active on YouTube on March 26, 2021.


  • Always want to be the most elegant person in V-Club, but she always reveals her lively and active character unconsciously. She is the member who is most confused about the situation in V-Club. [1]
  • The flowers and bows on the head are made of chocolate, while the strawberries are real strawberries, the best strawberries are on the chest, and the wrinkles of the skirt are mango flavor and original cream. [2]
  • Currently in high school. [2]
  • Her favorite thing is dessert, the most annoying thing is bitterness and spicy (bitter gourd). [2]
  • Her dream is to be a live broadcaster. [2]
  • Hobbies are reading novels and singing Although she is not good at singing. [2]
  • The pet is mango mochi. [2]
  • She has no sense of direction, and I can get lost on the way to school. [1]
  • Character design

Vtuber activity


  • On March 25th, VOICE MITH launched a new project V-Club (full name Voicemith Vtuber Club), this project has four members, HeiHei is one of them. [3]
  • Introduction video [1] on March 26th.
  • The call for marshmallow questions began on April 9, and she hosted her first live broadcast on April 15, answering the marshmallow questions and playing Garlic Phone with audiences. [4]
  • On April 15, she got 100 follows on Twitter.[5]
  • On April 20, she got 200 subscribers on YouTube.[6]


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