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Series Title Dragon Raja (龙族)
Original Format Novels
Author Jiang Nan
Adapted Media Manhua

Dragon Raja is a Chinese novel series published by Jiang Nan. In total, there are 5 books in the series.


The novels were first serialized in a Chinese anthology magazine. The first novel of the series was published in April 23, 2010. The third novel, separated into three parts, was published between 2013 and 2014. The fifth novel (悼亡者的归来) was serialized online.

Plot overview

In May 2009, Lu Mingfei (路明非), a hapless teenager, received an interview notice from Cassell College and from then on stepped into the world of dragons and half-breeds. Mingfei soon made headlines in the school. He then met a little imp named Lu Mingze (路鸣泽) who appeared in a spirit vision.

The academy was invaded by dragons, and he met accidentally with his online friend Lao Tang. Lu Mingfei and Chen Motong (陈墨瞳) infiltrated into the Three Gorges Bronze City, but encountered the raging King of Bronze and Fire head-on. In order to save his sister, he then traded a quarter (1/4) of his humanity with Mingze, thus making Mingfei have a quarter of his imp nature in return.

On July 17, 2010, Lu Mingfei's 19th birthday, he received the notice of execution of the Ministry's SS-level mission while on his classmates' dinner, and gloomily found that he could no longer return to his purely human life, and did not receive the birthday wishes promised by his sister.



The first novel was adapted into a manhua by artist Yan Kai, and was serialized on MK Weekly.

The second novel was adapted into a manhua by artist Mi Er, and was serialized on MK Weekly.

The third novel was adapted into a manhua by Mi Er and is currently being serialized on MK Weekly, but now it is on hiatus.

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