Enno Odzuna

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Enno Odzuna.jpg
Name Enno Odzuna (役小角奈)
Birthday July 16
Horoscope ♋Cancer
Blood Type O
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
BWH 65/48/70
Moe Points
Related Characters
Enno Ozunu (ancestor)

Enno Odzuna (えんの小角奈おづな) is a fictional character and an official ambassador for Kisshosoji Temple, a temple located in the city of Gose, in the Nara Prefecture of Japan.


  • Name: Enno Odzuna/役 小角奈 (えんの おづな)
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Measurements: 65-48-70
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hair: Green
  • Eyes: Green
  • First Person: "Wacchi" (わっち)

She belongs to the medicine department. She is a descendant of Enno Gyōja, of the 63rd generation. She usually wears high clogs that are 20 centimeters long. She can use magic, but her skills aren't high. She uses Zenki and Goki (two demons who are related to Enno Gyōja).

She is an official character of the Kisshosoji Temple.[1]


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