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Tsuina-chan in her demon hunter and civilian design
Name Kisaragi Tsuina (如月ついな)
Other Names Enno Tsuina (役ついな/役追儺)
Birthday February 3
Horoscope ♒Aquarius
Age 14
Height 139cm
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
CV Mai Kadowaki
Moe Points twin drills
Related Characters
Enno Odzuna
Hinomoto Oniko[note 1]

Tsuina-chan is a Japanese voicebank for the software VOICEROID2.


  • Full Name: Enno Tsuina (Real name: Kisaragi Tsuina)
  • Age: 14
  • Hair: White, held in twin drills.
  • Height: 139cm
  • Weight: Wants to lose weight
  • Blood Type: O-ni
  • First Person: "Uchi" (ウチ)
  • Birthplace: Osaka?
  • Companions: Zenki & Goki (Famous causative demons of En no Gyōja, but look like stuffed toys)
  • Favorite food: Horumonyaki


Tsuina was born in the 2chan forums, she was derived from Hinomoto Oniko. "Hinomoto Oniko" or "riben guizi" (日本鬼子) was a term used by the Chinese netizens as an insult against the Japanese. At the forums at 2chan, they discovered that "Hinomoto Oniko" could be used as a full name. So, what started as an insult became a "cute anime girl". That way, they embraced the term as their own, and the offensive element it once carried was gone.[1]

Tsuina's profile states she is a demon hunter. She always tries (and fails) to catch Hinomoto Oniko. The four-eyed mask (gigaku) she carries with her is called "Dickson" (ディクソン), and he has a life of his own.


  • Tsuina and Enno Odzuna are both official characters of the Kisshosoji Temple, a temple located in the city of Gose, in the Nara Prefecture of Japan. The two are considered objects of worship.


  1. Due to Tsuina's creator, Saki Oohenri, leaving the Hinomoto Oniko Project, Tsuina is no longer associated with Oniko.


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