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Fly Superboard
Original Name Mr. Son (미스터 손)[1]
Superboard (슈퍼보드)[1]
Translation Name
Region South Korea
Original run April 1988-January 1989 (Mr. Son)
February 25, 1989-April 30, 1990 (Fly Superboard)
Written by Heo Young-man
Illustrated by Heo Young-man
Published by Yoyo Comics
Volumes 3
Magazine Manhwa Kingdom[1]
IQ Jump
State Finished
Adapted work Animated series

Fly Superboard (날아라 슈퍼보드) is a South Korean comic series created by Heo Young-man.


The series is based on Journey to the West, but adds its own modern takes.

Mr. Son, a stone monkey born in Mount Hwagwa, is expelled from heaven and punished after making mischief, but is found by the monk Samjang, and together, they seal monsters with talismans, freeing them from their evil nature, while also figuring out a way to save Son from his curse. Joining Mr. Son are Jeo Palgye (Pigsy) and Saojeong (Sandy). While on their journey, Mr. Son always rides a flying skateboard called "Superboard".



Mr. Son (미스터 손)
Samjang (삼장)
Saojeong (사오정)
Jeo Palgye (저팔계)


Princess Yi Seul (이슬공주)
Air Punk (에어펑크)

Derivative works


Fly Superboard
Fly Superboard Season 5.jpg
Original Name 날아라 슈퍼보드
Translation Name Fly Superboard
Original run August 15, 1990 (Season 1)
October 18, 1991-January 10, 1992 (Season 2)
December 11, 1992-March 19, 1993 (Season 3)
July 3-September 25, 1998 (Season 4)
October 19, 2001-January 11, 2002 (Season 5)
Episodes Season 1: 2
Season 2: 13
Season 3: 13
Season 4: 13
Season 5: 13
Studio Hanho Heung-Up
Directed by Lee Woo-young, Kim Il-nam, Lee Geon-seol
Written by Noh Jin-su, Shin In-ho
Music by Ahn Mun-gyu, Lee Nam-hong

Fly Superboard is a South Korean animated series created by Hanho Heung-Up. It is based on the comic series Mr. Son.


  • Original Work Writer: Heo Young-man
  • Planning: Jeong Seung-bae, Im Hyun-pyo
  • Directors: Lee Woo-young, Kim Il-nam, Lee Geon-seol
  • Screenwriters: No Jin-su, Shin In-ho
  • Music: Ahn Mun-kyu, Lee Nam-hong
  • Producers: Seo Jae-won, Min Young-moon, Um Min-hyung
  • Animation Production: Hanho Heung-up

Voice cast

  • Mr. Son: Park Young-nam
  • Samjang: Kim Jeong-kyung
  • Jeo Palgye: No Min, Lee Jang-won
  • Saojeong: Yu Hae-mu
  • Princess Yi Seul: Bae Jeong-mi
  • Air Tank: Jo Dong-hee
  • Queen of Games: Kang Mi-hyung