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Hugo 3D.png
3D version
Name Hugo
Kuza/Кузя (Russian)
Hiúdaí (Icelandic)
Other Names Skærmtrolden Hugo
Age 220[citation needed]
Height 100[note 1]cm
Weight Unknownkg
Eye Color Black, Brown
Hair Color Black
Character Voicing Michael Brockdorf (Danish)
Pepe Carabias (Spanish, Spain)
Sandro Larenas (Spanish, Chile)
Carlos Burgos (Spanish, Argentina)
Moe Points troll, hero
From Denmark
Active in Worldwide
Related Characters
Wife: Hugolina
Children: Rit, Rat and Rut
Unnamed grandfather

Hugo is the main character of the Hugo series.


Hugo is a Scandinavian troll who lives in the forest with his wife Hugolina and his three children. However, their happiness is constantly interrupted by the evil witch Scylla and her evil plans. Luckily, Hugo always defeats her every time.


In the original Hugo game, he had to rescue his family from Scylla who was imprisoned in the Skull Cave in Scylla's lair.

In Hugo Cannon Cruise, Hugo had to fight an army of pirates led by Scylla.

In Hugo Penguin Battle, he must defeat Scylla's brainwashed army of penguins who covered the land with ice.


  1. Hugo is one meter tall.