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Marinasu VTuber 01.jpg
Origin Japan
Genres Pop, dance pop, eurobeat
Debut December 25, 2018 (independent)
July 7, 2021 (Avex)
Members Kaname Mahiro
Toma Rin
Otonoha Naho
Suzuna Subaru
Agency Virtual Avex
Label Avex
Links YouTube
Official website

MaRiNaSu (まりなす) are a Japanese virtual dance and vocal unit under Avex.[1]


Avex's first virtual dance/vocal unit.
It is composed of the pure and energetic Kaname Mahiro, the shy but serious Toma Rin, the mysterious lady Otonoha Naho, and the genius cat-like returnee Suzuna Subaru.
Although the members have individual personalities, they work together very well in singing and dancing.
Their name is composed of the initials of each member's names.


Kaname Mahiro (奏天かなめ まひろ)
Born April 27, 2002. Blood type A.

Full of energy! A pure, hard-working girl who aims to be the best virtual artist in the universe. Among the members of MaRiNaSu, she was the first to start activities, and experienced live concerts in real life, AR, VR, and movie theaters. She has a reputation for sharpness in dance, and her dancing is second to none! There is also one side that shows dislike without losing. She is also an otaku of the Pretty Series and VTubers. MaRiNaSu's hako-oshi.

On January 29, 2022, she announced she would be on hiatus due to sickness, but MaRiNaSu would still resume their activities with the other three members.

Toma Rin (燈舞とうま りん)
Born July 31, 2002. Blood type A.

A shy but serious tsundere. She gets nervous easily and isn't very good at making a public appearance, but when performing, she immediately shows excellent singing and dancing skills.

Otonoha Naho (音葉おとのは なほ)
Born December 3, 2002. Blood type AB.

A dignified mysterious young lady. She has a unique space as if she lived on a different time axis, and makes a unique choice of words. She has a beautiful dance that has a stable axis, making use of the amazing body stamina cultivated in the ballet that she learned from childhood. She attaches great importance to food and sleep, and in particular, has a great deal of commitment and love for "fried chicken" (her fans' name). Mahiro is a childhood friend of hers.

Suzuna Subaru (鈴鳴すずな すばる)
Born September 17, 2002. Blood type B.

A genius cat-like returnee. Loves having fun and hates boredom. Music is her only favorite thing, which has been going on since she was a child. She has an outstanding sense of singing and dancing, and has a charisma that attracts many people. She calls her fans "puppies" (ワンコwanko), and they, in return, call her "Subaru-sama". She spent her middle school years in the USA, so she is good at English.



In August 16, 2018, Kaname Mahiro opened her YouTube channel, and on August 17, the start of her Twitter activities was announced.[2] On December 25, the channel's name was changed to "MaRiNaSu Channel (provisional)" (まりなすチャンネル(仮)), adding three new members: Toma Rin, Otonoha Naho and Suzuna Subaru.[3]


On December 16, 2019, Mahiro announced the group would temporarily suspend activities.[4]


On March 21, 2020, Mahiro announced that the the group's activities would resume.[5]


On March 28, 2021, the group held their graduation livestream event called "MaRiNaSu (provisional) Graduation Live" (まりなす(仮)卒業ライブ). The same day, they announced the name of the group would stay as "MaRiNaSu".

On July 7, 2021 (Tanabata), MaRiNaSu made their major debut under Avex with the album SUPERNOVA.[6]


Digital singles

Title Release Date
WONDERLAND July 9, 2019
JUST IN MY HEART July 12, 2019
Polarity (ポラリティ) October 8, 2019
SPARKxSPARK October 17, 2019
Next world December 1, 2019
Akuu no saki e (亜空の先へ) December 8, 2019
Baikun Kattei (培訓課程) January 1, 2020
dizzy February 1, 2020
Searchlight☆Love March 1, 2020
POLYFULL! May 31, 2020
Shooting my shot! May 12, 2021
My Venus May 19, 2021
ChainGANG May 26, 2021
GiMME! GiVE U! June 2, 2021

Studio albums

Title Release Date
SUPERNOVA July 7, 2021


Live concerts

  • MaRiNaSu (provisional) 2nd Anniversary Live INFLATION STARS (まりなす(仮)2nd Anniversary Live INFLATION STARS) (2020)[7]


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