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Base Info
Original Name Meteo Heroes
Original Work Format Smartphone game
Adapted Format TV series

Meteo Heroes is an Italian media franchise created in 2020 by the climate organization Icona Clima in collaboration with production company Mondo TV.


The franchise started with a mobile game of the same name developed by the Epson Meteo Center. It was later adapted into an animated series.

The story focuses on six kids from different parts of the world who each have powers relating to the weather, and use them to save the planet from the evil threats of Dr. Makina and his minions, the Maculans. They are guided by the scientist Margherita and the supercomputer, Tempus.


The Meteo Heroes

Adam Bolt / Fulmen
From Sydney, Australia.

Personality: He always finds the funny side of any situation and loves pranks (especially if he can do them to his best friend Ventum). He can never sit still, he is so impatient that he never lets you finish talking… because he is already in action!

Favorite games: He loves robots, he even built one himself

Weakness: he is such a glutton, that he sometimes forgets to chew

Powers: Super speed, thunderbolts

Patty Storm / Pluvia
From Seattle, United States.

Personality: determined and generous, she is never discouraged and is the one who encourages the MeteoHeroes team in the most difficult situations. She is gritty and always has a solution ready, Expresses all the strength that girls are capable of!

Favorite games: She collects umbrellas, loves to swim and walk under the storm.

Weakness: She's a bit touchy and doesn't like it when the other MeteoHeroes point out when she's wrong.

Powers: Rain and Hail Manipulation, Transforming into a drop of Water

Angelita Perez / Nubess
From Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Personality: She is the cutest of the MeteoHeroes, always cares for others and can't see animals suffer. It is not difficult to understand what she thinks, because her fluffy hair often takes the shape of her thoughts.

Favorite games: making origami and watching birds

Weakness: every now and then she has her head in the clouds

Powers: Can summon clouds, can turn her hair into any shape

Andrew Khumalo / Ventum
From Cape Town, South Africa.

Personality: A joker, sometimes spiteful, often a bungler, when he's around you never get bored. He is very careless, and when something disappears at the CEM just ask him: he could have made it disappear without realizing it. He is famous for his smelly socks. They are said to be washed very infrequently.

Favorite games: pinwheels and sailing

Weakness: he is very messy, but luckily he never loses his good mood

Powers: Wind Manipulation, can summon gusts and tornadoes.

Giorgio Latini / Thermo
From Rome, Italy.

Personality: opposites find a balance in him. He knows how to be wise and funny, he always manages to give the right advice to guide his friends and sometimes he intervenes to solve Fulmen and Ventum's mishaps. He has only one problem: he is allergic to Maculans... but not even to say it he managed to make it his strong point!

Favorite games: acrobatics and juggling

Weakness: he is a bit vain, but no one has the courage to tell him

Powers: Temperature Manipulation

Su Pa Sin / Nix
From Harbin, China.

Personality: She is the most calm and orderly of the MeteoHeroes. She speaks well and is the only one who understands everything Tempus says. She loves contemplating the beauty of nature, especially when it is wrapped in the white mantle of snow, but when she loses her patience... she becomes a snowstorm!

Favorite games: She likes to ice skate and collect snow crystals.

Weakness: she's so serious that some people (Fulmen) think she's a bit of a snob.

Powers: Snow and Ice Manipulation