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Original Name 爆裂飞车
Translation Name Opti-Morphs
Screechers Wild!
Original run March 14, 2016 - present
Episodes 40
Studio Alpha Group Co., Ltd.
Qianqi Cartoon
Linked works The Mechnimals

Opti-Morphs is a Chinese animated series created by Alpha Group and Auldey.


Yolan and Kinson are two brothers who like Opti-Morphs contests, where contestants battle using their miniature cars, who can transform into giant mechanical beasts. One day, Kinson tells Yolan that he wants to have a transforming car too. That night, his wish comes true when a talking toy car appears in his room!


Yolan (飞轮)

Also known as Xander in the United States.

Kinson (擎锋)

Also known as Ringo.

Caesar (凯飒)

Also known as Ronan.


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