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Genshin raiden shogun intro.webp
Name Raiden Ei
Chinese: 雷电 影
Japanese: 雷電 影らいでん えい
Korean: 라이덴 에이
Other Names Raiden Shogun[note 1]
Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho
The God of Eternity
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Birthday June 26
Gnosis Electro
Weapon Polearm
CV Anne Yatco (English)
Juhuahua (Chinese)
Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)
Park Ji-yoon (Korean)
Moe Points raijin, samurai, braid, kimono
Raiden Shogun: doll
Ei: little sister, gap moe, hikikomori, nostalgia
Birthplace Inazuma
affiliation The Seven
Inazuma City
element Electro
Relatives/Related characters
Precursor, Sister: Raiden Makoto
Friends: Sasayuri, Mikoshi Chiyo, Kitsune Saiguu
Family: Yae Miko
Enemy: Orobaxi
Product: Scaramouche
Eschew the Ephemeral World. Abide in Unchanging Eternity.

Raiden Ei, also known as the Raiden Shogun, is a playable character in miHoYo's game Genshin Impact.


Her Excellency seeks to rid herself of the mundane delusions of the world, but only in an attempt to overcome the cycle of life and death. No one truly understands her, yet she does not deign to make herself understood... Her Excellency the Shogun is simply full of contradictions.

The undisputed supreme ruler of Inazuma.

Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, promised the people of Inazuma an unchanging eternity to last throughout the ages.

After purging all sentiment with merciless lightning, the solitude of her mind became a secluded space free from mortal joys and woes...

Over the long years, the road to eternity has been dark and desolate, but Her Excellency the Shogun has never wavered, not even for a moment.

For true unchanging eternity is found only in the stillness that manifests itself when all noise is stripped away.

Character history

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This section may contain major spoilers!
Consider skipping these contents if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media releases.

Baal and Beelzebul - "Makoto" and "Ei" - are twin gods who won the Demon God War together and became the gods of Inazuma. Baal believed in Sukumo and established the Shogunate, while Beelzebul served Baal as a "kagemusha" on the royal side and ruled Inazuma together. But 500 years ago, Baal went to Khaenri'ah alone without Beelzebul's knowledge and was killed in the Khaenri'ah War. Beelzebul was devastated and could only bring the only trace of Baal's consciousness back to Inazuma, and it was at that moment that she discovered that a giant sakura tree was actually growing on Shadowward Hill.

Chapter II Act II - Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow

The Shogun ordered her fellow generals to seize Thoma, the housekeeper of the Kamisato Clan, and perform the Vision Hunt Ceremony in front of the Statue of the Omnipresent God, to commemorate the hundredth Vision confiscated, withholding Thoma's Vision and intending to inlay it into the statue.

In order to save Thoma, the Traveler took Thoma's Vision from the public. After the Shogun discovered that the Traveler could drive elemental powers without a Vision, he regarded them as an "exception" to "Eternity", publicly announced that the Traveler would be inlaid upon the statue, and took them to her Plane of Euthymia, where Ei was to judge them.

After being defeated by Ei, the Travaler fainted, and was expelled from the Plane of Euthymia. The Shogun was about to kill the Traveler with her "Musou no Hitotachi", but then Thoma broke free and threw his spear at the Shogun, saving the Traveler, and Thoma rushed the Traveler and Paimon to safety. Instead of going after them, the Shogun coldly ordered that the Traveler be listed on the Vision Hunt Decree. After that, the Traveler will be forced to trigger a conversation and teleport to the bridge where he encounters a Shogunate Soldier from Inazuma City.

Dialogue with the Soldiers
  1. Soldier: "You're the one on the wanted notice, don't move! Paimon: "Uh-oh! Run!"
  2. Soldier: "Stop! I've been ordered to arrest a wanted man!" Paimon: "Oh no! Get out of the way!"
  • The above dialogue will be triggered when the player approaches the soldier at the same level of height, regardless of the character used, and the character he is using is switched to the Traveler during the dialogue. At the end of the conversation, the character will be forced to teleport to the middle of the bridge to the northeast of the statue of the Thousand Hands and Hundred Eyes.
  • The first dialogue is triggered by the soldiers stationed in front of Kujou Sara and around the Statue of the Omnipresent God, and the second dialogue is triggered by the soldier stationed in Tenshoukaku.
  • The soldiers begin appearing when the player completes the quest "Amidst Stormy Judgment" in Chapter II Act II and stop appearing when the quest "Duel Before the Throne" in Chapter II Act III is unlocked.

Because the Shogun did not know Traveler and Paimon's names, she could only write "blond traveler and mysterious flying pet" on their wanted notice.

Chapter II Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals

On the way to negotiate with the Raiden Shogun about the Vision Hunt Decree, "La Signora", the Eighth Fatui Harbinger, knocked down Kujou Sara, who burst into Tenshukaku. The Shogun was not happy about this, and told La Signora that she would take care of Inazuma's faults. Later, the intruding Traveler started a "Duel Before the Throne" with Signora, to which the Shogun agreed. After Signora was defeated by the Traveler, the Shogun executed Signora and killed her. As a witness of the duel, the Shogun recognized the Traveler's honor as the winner and allows them to "leave Tenshukaku alive".

The Traveler left Tenshukaku in the abnormal weather and started feeling sick, and insisted on walking to the entrance of Tenshukaku, when he encountered two resistance soldiers who came to take advantage of the absence of the Shogun's Army. Sensing this, the Shogun appeared out of nowhere, and tried to kill the Traveler with a single blow. At the same time, the Vision tied to Kaedehara Kazuha's body resonates with Kazuha's wish and regains its glow. Uniting his wish with that of his friend's, Kazuha blocks the attack from the Musou no Hitotachi with his Electro power. The resistance soldiers then charged forward, and the Visions inside the Statue of the Omnipresent God glowed one after another. As soon as the Traveler was about to atack the Shogun, Ei pulled them back to the Plane of Euthymia again.

While there, the Traveler told Ei about the issue of the Vision Hunt Decree. Ei does not waver at the Traveler's strong stance. After realizing that Ei was still stubborn, the Traveler confronted her directly. After the battle, the Traveler remembered the omamori sent by Yae Miko, and Miko managed to enter the Plane of Euthymia with her consciousness attached to the omamori. Miko instructed the Traveler to use the Visions in the Statue of the Omnipresent God, lighting up the Plane of Euthymia. After receiving the blessings, the Traveler successfully defeated Ei.

Miko dissuaded Ei from her stubborn thoughts and convinced her to just give up seeking "Eternity". Ei tells the Traveler the story of her time as a kagemusha: following "her" around in battle, losing friends until she lost "her"; after that, Ei decided to give up all thoughts and insisted on adhering to "eternity" and promising it to her subjects. However, Miko also emphasizes that its essence is "silence", and Ei not only ignored the essence of her subjects' desire to be "watched", but also forgot her own heart and failed to notice the Plane of Euthymia that suddenly opens up because of the company of her old friend. In the end, after being persuaded by the Traveler and Miko, Ei decided to abolish the Vision Hunt Decree. However, when thinking about whether the country that adheres to "eternity" should move forward, Ei still has doubts and needs to think deeply inside the Plane of Euthymia for the sake of Inazuma's future.

Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act I - Reflections of Mortality
Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act II - Transient Dreams


  • The Electro Archon's title is "Raiden Shogun" instead of her real name Ei, the name Ei corresponds to the god Beelzebul, and Makoto corresponds to Baal.
    • In reality, "Beelzebul" is derived from "Beelzebub".
  • The character PV and in-game storyline reveal that the Shogun has turned to a radical pursuit of "eternity" due to the change of three friends and relatives (in the PV: Sasayuri, Mikoshi Chiyo and Saiguu) and the sacrifice of the previous Electro Archon.

Plane of Euthymia: Raiden Shogun (Electro)







Character Details
Since the dawn of life, humankind has always borne an intense yearning for and curiosity about the world. This is the anchor point of their cognition and is the foundation of all reason.

The world of the people of Inazuma is also thus. There, thunder, lightning, wind, and rain were primordial facts of life, as well as light, and the sea... and the Raiden Shogun.

Babes nestling in their mothers' arms hear tales of the Shogun's slaying of many gods and conquering of other races.

When young men and women roam the islands, they see the gorge split asunder by a blade of lightning and the pale, still-standing bones of the giant snake.

Soldiers take to the battlefield with "glory to the Shogun and her everlasting reign!" upon their lips.

The people work in contentment and peace, knowing that the Shogun and her loyal Tri-Commission are there.

The great name of the Raiden Shogun has long shaken off the shackles of mere life, becoming the eternal traditional belief of Inazuma.

People trust in this great name and its might, believing that their descendants shall witness the same sights, that the same faith will form the foundations of their inner worlds, and that this will pass on from generation to generation.

This is the eternal paradise that the Almighty Shogun promised her people.

Character Story 1
(unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.2)
(Complete quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals")
The true name of the Raiden Shogun is "Raiden Ei."

In her long road, she has witnessed the price that Inazuma has had to pay for progress over the hundreds and thousands of years.

The happiest years of her life had passed her by, and those she once considered friends became her foes. In the end, she even lost the reason for which she had wielded her sword.

"Where there is progress, there must be loss."

Ei believed that this was the iron-clad rule of the world, with time as its merciless enforcer.

The greatest and most prosperous nation of men collapsed overnight, and even that most ancient Liyue Harbor would say farewell to its Geo Archon. The winds of parting came whistling in from the outer edge of time.

However resounding the Raiden Shogun's name, centuries later, millennia later... Someday, Inazuma would lose the protection of its deity.

As a warrior, she was wary of all foes. Even if that enemy was a crisis as intangible as time's passage, she had to find a countermeasure, a weapon she could use to defeat it in time.

Her answer? "Eternity." Only Eternity could freeze all things under the sky, make Inazuma truly deathless.

"Then, while things are still good, let us have stillness... Let us march towards Eternity."

Character Story 2
(unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.3)
(complete quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals")
For beings with a perishable form of flesh to pursue Eternity, they must first solve the unavoidable problem of lifespan.

This limited time troubled Ei greatly, until one day when a mysterious technique came before her eyes as if by a stroke of fate.

Using such techniques, one could create intricate puppets indistinguishable from true life.

In theory, this puppet could perfectly imitate everything about Ei. It could surpass the limits of her lifespan and defend Inazuma forever. Yet, how could creating a copy of an Archon be a simple affair?

Ei conducted countless experiments to this effect, discarded a great many failed products, and spend an unimaginable amount of time and resources—

But at last, by her dogged pursuit and warrior's spirit, she was able to create a flawless puppet.

The newborn Raiden Shogun sat there silently, listening to Ei speak all about her, "her," and even about them. The future of Inazuma was here, inscribed upon a gorgeous blueprint.

The automaton had but one question to ask Ei: "There is no turning back from forsaking your form. Do you regret nothing?"

"Your existence is my answer."

Then, Ei transferred her consciousness into her blade, and thus was born the Plane of Euthymia.

Character Story 3
(unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.4)
(complete quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals")
Before Raiden Ei became the Shogun, she was a samurai responsible for seeing that the previous Shogun's orders were carried out.

The previous Electro Archon, Raiden Makoto, was no great fighter, and the things Ei had charge over were mostly matters of warfare and slaughter. However, Ei also had moments of repose away from battle, sitting with her friends under the sakura trees and playing karuta.

Due to her character, Ei was always the most wooden player. She was never the final victor, nor did she ever have a taste of the prizes that the Kitsune Saiguu reserved for the winners.

Thus, she poured the effort that she put into swordsmanship into karuta practice, often pestering Makoto or Mikoshi Chiyo to karuta matches, or spending much time by moonlight reading the poetry inscribed on the cards out loud.

At last, the day came that under the sakura trees, Ei would defeat opponent after opponent. Even the mighty tengu would be felled after a hard-fought battle, and thus was she crowned the champion.

Ei let out a victorious whoop at her victory, only to be greeted by the sounds of her friends' laughter. Only then did she realize that she had lost her usual composure entirely, before snapping both arms back down and reverting to her usual cool facade.

Of course, her friends did not intend to make sport of her. Indeed, they understood her character and the manner in which she had worked ever so hard to come out on top.

As for the Kitsune Saiguu, oh, how amused she looked as she presented Ei with some pastries.

"I said it was a reward, yes, but it was simply some hand-made cakes of mine. I didn't think that you would be so concerned about it, Ei. Well then, enjoy the spoils of your victory to your heart's content."

Ei was hardly one to be greedy for snacks. But as a samurai, she firmly believed that what she lost must be reclaimed. These pastries were more akin to a vindication of her desire to win.

—But it was not long before that cool demeanor of hers broke into a smile again. The cakes were lovely — just like the taste of victory. As for her clumsy attempts to hide that smile, one could only say that it was an entertaining sight all around for her friends.

To this day, Ei still often remembers that sakura tree.

...Even though she has not gone to see it in a long time, and even though no one sits under it anymore, she wishes that time might stop forever.

Character Story 4
(unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.5)
(complete quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals")
Ei still remembers the way in which Makoto greatly loved the scenery of Inazuma, its cuisine, and the stories of its people — and how she loved telling Ei all about it.

Though they both understood the concept of erosion well, Makoto was unlike Ei, who worried about the future more often. Instead, Makoto's energies were focused on the present.

"It is precisely because we know that this scene is but a fleeting shadow that we should enjoy it all the more."

Then, Ei could only smile wryly, realizing that she, the kagemusha, was even more old-fashioned than the real Raiden Shogun. She thought to herself that she must learn to be more leisurely, just like Makoto.

Yet the times changed all too quickly, all but catching Ei off guard. Before she knew it, her hands already held the blade that the dying Raiden Makoto had passed on to her.

This day, the kagemusha was now the true Raiden Shogun.

And it was on this day that Ei truly felt the agony of erosion.

As time marched forward inexorably, even this blade, this sakura... All life on Inazuma would fade before her eyes.

This was the foundation of Inazuma, and it was the thing that the Raiden Shogun must defend.

"If you look at it this way, thinking ahead is not meaningless, nor is it vain arrogance."

Having resolved herself, her life exceeded its mortal shell, and eternity descended upon the mortal plane.

Character Story 5 (unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.6)
(complete quest "Reflections of Mortality")
One night, Raiden Ei entered a beautiful dreamscape while meditating.

Here, there was nothing left between heaven and earth but her, and a "her" that was akin to looking into a mirror.

The automaton's voice flowed into her ears like a sigh: "the eternity you resolved to establish in your heart has been shaken by the countless wishes of the people. Thus, you have become my enemy."

Back when she was creating the puppet, Ei had considered all the hidden risks involved.

She believed that anything was possible — including the worst-case scenario... in which she too would someday become a threat to Eternity.

But she had to press on. She had to reach Eternity. This, she would not permit to be stayed by any outside force.

The puppet's words were something that she had asked herself long ago:

"You believe that you are more firmly convicted now than you were yesterday, and that is why you are presently correct. Is that so?"

"Do you presently have some new ideas, or have you, too, fallen victim to inexorable 'erosion'?"

Their faces were the same, but they spoke of different ideals. The battle with herself, with her past, would come someday.

But it was not this day. Ei knew well that she was not yet ready.

Her heart was clear, and she would have remained in that state, but hearing the cries of her people, she had to command her feet to stop.

The sky above the mirror was no longer empty, and all about the silent halls, she heard the cry of crows. Dawn was coming. The samurai must take up her sword.

This dream was ever so real, and it, too, passed like a shadow.

Musou Isshin
(unocked after botaining Friendship Lv.4)
(complete quest "Omnipresence Over Mortals")
A sword that, once passed on, has accompanied Ei to this day.

This sword has had two wielders, and has witnessed both time and eternity.

It was born from Raiden Makoto's divine might, but it was never once sharpened. It took after its owner, of course, for Makoto was not one for battle. It was but a symbol, a sign of true peace.

The day Makoto passed on, it was given into Ei's hands. The sword was stained with blood, then, and as the blade drew its first taste of crimson, the dripping ichor was blown aside by wild winds and blazing thunder.

Makoto gave it the name Musou Isshin, and desired to have it witness an Inazuma as lovely as a dream and the noble hearts that dwell in this world.

Ei did not change its name. For she, too, had looked out over that vast scene of beauty, and the sight of it had engendered a stronger, purer dream in her own heart.

The aesthetic of lightning is precisely to capture that which is precious amidst fleeting transience.

(unlocked after obtaining Friendship Lv.6)
(complete quest Omnipresence Over Mortals")
Before she came to dwell in the Plane of Euthymia permanently, Ei was troubled for a time concerning where she might store her Gnosis.

She no longer had any need of it, but such an important item could not simply be placed anywhere. She had initially intended to have it modified into a energy supply device, but no matter what she did, her techniques had no effect on the Gnosis at all.

And that was when she thought of someone: the cunning and clever Yae Miko. She was not precisely someone to be trusted, but she was in many ways also Ei's best choice.

Upon hearing this request, Miko could not help but joke: "Aren't you afraid that I might just sell this off?"

"You understand the value of a Gnosis. Even if you sold it, I trust that you would have exchanged it for something of equal value, and that is no easy price to pay."

With someone of Yae Miko's character, it would be no surprise if she ever sold the Gnosis, yes, but she would not allow herself to lose out in any such exchange.

Such, then, was the tacit agreement between the two old friends. Yae Miko understood Ei's intent and took the precious Gnosis with a smile.

"Well, this is your idea, not mine. Don't end up regretting this, now."


As a Boss

Raiden Shogun: The Seven - Electro Archon

Ei: Master of the Euthymic Plane

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto: Raiden no Inazuma Tono

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto "Raiden no Inazuma Tono"

This is the form of the puppet that inherited the Raiden Shogun's authority takes when she is opposing those who threaten Eternity.
As the Raiden Shogun's assistant in pursuing eternity, she has never doubted, never felt fear, never given anything less than her best, never been disturbed by idle thoughts.
She once heard about how Ei had shouldered a similar duty when Makoto was also present, suffering much agonizing loss in the process. When the two shadows overlapped once more, however, she could only see the countless fine fractures in what should have been "her" eternal will. Since fate is destined for cyclicality, she must fulfill her promise and declare war on "her".

Mine is the most supreme and noble form. Power over the realm has been vested within me, and I am the essence of all that is the "Raiden Shogun."
"Naturally, I have also inherited the pain of Ei's countless losses and her will to attain eternity.
"Resolve, valor, love, hate... They will all twist in the river of time.
"But the 'rules' will never change"



  1. Chinese: 雷将军
    Japanese: 雷伝将軍
    Korean: 라이덴 쇼군