Saki Mitonoya

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Saki Mitonoya.png
Name 御殿谷 サキ/みとのや サキ/Saki Mitonoya
Birthday May 30
Horoscope ♊Gemini
Blood Type O
Height 158cm
Weight 42kg
Eye Color red
Hair Color blue
BWH B82 W55 H80
CV Honda Shinobu
Moe Points glasses

Saki Mitonoya (御殿谷 サキ/みとのや サキ) is a character who appears in the 2D fighting game Vanguard Princess by Tomoaki Sugeno.


She is the head of the Kendo Department and the next student council president of her school.

The sword she uses is called "Ippen", 68cm in length and 0.8kg in weight, and was developed by the military based on the data of the Kuna family's inherited Excalibur "Sakuya".

He expects to go to battle with Kutsuna Yui, the user of Excalibur, and also enjoys testing his combat ability.

Favorite things: Friends, kanto

Dislikes: Frogs