Special Week

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Watch me, moms! I'm going to be the No. 1 racehorse girl in Japan!
— Special Week
Special Week
Basic Information
NicknameSpe-chan (スペちゃん)
Japanese Chief General (日本の総大将)
Draft design
Hair colorBrown hair
Eye colorBlue Purple Heterochromic eyes
WeightSlightly lost (Tend to be nervous before the race)
BirthdayMay 2
CVAzumi Waki
Part ofTeam Spica
Roommate: Silence Suzuka

Special Week (Japanese: スペシャルウィーク, Chinese: 特别周) is a character from the Cygames game Umamusume: Pretty Derby and its derivatives, historically based on Japanese Thoroughbred horse Special Week.


Official page

  • An honest and cheerful hard worker born in Hokkaido.
  • Her mother passed away soon after her birth, and she was entrusted to her mother's best friend, a human female.
  • Promised "to become the No. 1 racehorse girl in Japan" to her two mothers.
  • Although repeatedly yearning and then being discouraged, she still runs toward her aspiration with inborn perseverance.
Special Week's Clothing
School Uniform
UPDCH SpecialWeek 00.png
Previous Design
UPDCH SpecialWeek 01.png
Race Clothing
UPDCH SpecialWeek 02.png
UPDCH SpecialWeek 03.png


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