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''Street Football''
Original Name Foot 2 rue
Translation Name Street Football
Region France
Original run 2005-2010
Studio De Mas & Partners
Tele Images Productions
Directed by Pierluigi De Mas
Stéphane Roux (Seasons 1-2)
Bruno Brigoux (Seasons 1-3)
Vincent Costi (Season 4)
Music by Fabrizio Sirotti
State Finished
Linked works Extreme Football

Street Football is a French-Italian animated series.


In Maryport, a small town, Tag, Brains, Eloise, and the Tekno twins (Tek and No) form a street soccer team called "The Rifflers". They dream of organizing the world's first ever Street Soccer World Cup. To do so, they must confront many difficulties along the way, notably the citizens of Maryport, who consider this sport dangerous.

Maryport resembles some cities in Southern France, particularly Marseille. One episode points out that Maryport is located near Marseille.


The Rifflers

Sébastien "Tag" Tagano
The captain of the Riffler's team. An orphan at the Riffler Institute.
Eloïse Riffler

Daughter of Count and Countess Riffler, founders of the institute. She is the team's goalkeeper.

Gabriel "Brains" N'Douala
Tarek (Tek) and Nordine (No) Zaim
Jeremy Weber
Samira Ziaoui

The Sharks

Captain of the Sharks team. He is known for wearing a hat with shark teeth, hence his name.


Former goalie of Tag's team.
Miss Adelaide
Mrs. Wagon
A music teacher at the Riffler Institute.
Li'l Dragon
Son of Mrs. Wong. He loves street soccer and wants to become a player someday.
Luis "Fede" Ornando
A famous footballer who is the founder of Children of the World, a charity foundation.

Staff and cast


  • Tag: Hervé Grull (French)
  • Brains: Arthur Pestel (French)
  • Eloise: Christelle Reboul (French)
  • Tek/No: Pascale Chemin (French)
  • Shark: Taric Mehani (French)
  • Cartoon: Claudine Gremy (French)

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