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Person Infobox
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This template is used to introduce real-life people.


{{Person Infobox
|title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|real name = 
|aka = 
|origin = 
|birth date = 
|birthplace = 
|death date = 
|deathplace = 
|occupation =
|years active = 
|main works = 
|related = 
|website = 

  • For the [title-color], [left-column-color] and [bottom-column-color] parameters, the default color is green. When used but no color is filled in, the default value is white. [title-font-color] defaults to white, For [left-font-color], the default value is the same as the title font. [bottom-column-color] is black by default. For colors, please refer to Help:List of colors.
  • Image size: default value is 250px.
  • caption: displayed below the picture, the premise is to call [image].
  • [Tabs] is used to mobilize {{tabs}}. When you use tabs to display images, please do not use [image], [size] or [caption].
    • For the detailed usage of tabs, see {{Tabs/doc}}.
  • All parameters are optional.


{{Person Infobox
|title = Winsor McCay
|image = Winsor_McCay_1906.jpg
|caption = Photo from 1906
|real name = Zenas Winsor McCay
|aka = Silas (pen name)
|origin = USA
|birth date = 1867-1871
|death date = July 26, 1934
|occupation = Animation director, cartoonist
|years active = Early 20th century
|main works = ''Little Nemo''<br>''Gertie the Dinosaur''

Winsor McCay
Winsor McCay 1906.jpg
Photo from 1906
Real name Zenas Winsor McCay
Also known as Silas (pen name)
Origin USA
Birth date 1867-1871
Death date July 26, 1934
Occupation Animation director, cartoonist
Years active Early 20th century
Main works Little Nemo
Gertie the Dinosaur