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Base Info
Original Name ザ☆ドラえもんズ (Za Doraemonzu)
Translation Name The Doraemons
Original Work Writer Kenji Terada, Koki Mitani, Michiaki Tanaka
Adapted Format Short films
Linked Works Doraemon

The Doraemons is a comic series, which is a sister series of Doraemon.


The first part of The Doraemons series appeared in the 1995 movie "The Birth of Doraemon 2112", but the more complete setting comes from the game "Doraemon Legend of Friendship Doraemon" released in the same year. The Doraemons, its screenwriter is Kenshi Terada, and he is also one of the important creators of the story setting of this series.

The manga has been published in at least three separate editions. They are the six-volume "Adventures of Doraemon" written by Michiaki Tanaka, the chief assistant of Fujiko·F·Fujio; and twelve volumes drawn by Fujiko Pro member Yukihiro Mitani. "Doraemon Adventures Special", three volumes "Doraemon Seven Boys Special Chapter Robot Development School".

The series does not have an independent TV animation, but was launched as a film animation, and they are all co-screened films of major feature films, with a total of nine films.

However, in the 2005 anime, there was no mention of the existence of the Doraemons. Currently Pawaemon replaced the Doraemons.


The Doraemons are a club in the Robot Academy. Every member likes Dorayaki, but usually they add their favorite seasonings. All Doraemons have rocky heads, can use weapons, and can even escape from prison, but Doraemon is the strongest here because he does not have other special weapons, ears or hats to resist attacks in this way.

The Doraemons use a kind of telepathic card called "Bestfriend Telecard" (Shin'yū Tereka 亲友テレカ) which is also a symbol of their commitment to eternal friendship.


  • Doraemon
  • Dora the Kid
  • Wang Dora
  • Dorapin
  • Dora-nichov
  • Dorarinho
  • Doramed III
  • El Matadora

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