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Basic Information
Name Tori Himemiya
Japanese 姫宮ひめみや桃李とうり
Romaji Himemiya Tōri
Hair Color Pink hair
Eye Color Green eyes
height 153cm
Weight 49kg
Age 16 years old (Until 7/1)
Blood Type B
Class Yumenosaki Academy 2-A
Voice Actor Ayumu Murase
Groups Tennis Club, Archives (Manga Club), Pretty 5
Likes Necklaces with jewels
Dislikes Cold places
Interests Karaoke
Moe Points tsundere, ahoge, lota, big brother, tennen moe
Related Characters
fine: Eichi Tenshouin, Wataru Hibiki, Yuzuru Fushimi

Tori Himemiya is a character in the Ensemble Stars! franchise created by Happy Elements.


Ensemble Stars!

Angel? Devil? Young Master!

A rich young man. Very aware of the charm of his appearance and uses it to the maximum, drunk on power and enjoying the feeling of being noticed. The secretary of the student council and a great admirer of the student council president, Eichi Tenshouin. He and Yuzuru Fushimi, a second-year student who lives in the same residence, have had a master-servant relationship since childhood. He was also called a slave at school and told to take care of his side of the affairs. He is a member of fine.

Ensemble Stars!!

Everyone's Lovely Tori-sama!

He is the eldest son of the wealthy Himemiya family. Yuzuru Fushimi is his deacon, caretaker and advisor who has served him since he was a child. He has a cheerful and innocent personality, but at the same time, being wealthy, he has a strong self esteem. His singing voice is delightful, and his performance style is also very cute. He is a member of the group "fine", under STARMAKER PRODUCTION.

Card Index

Ensemble Stars!


Card Availability
初始1桃 花前.png
初始1桃 花后.png
By default



Character Addressing others Addressing him
Eichi Tenshouin President-sama (会長さま) (through Eichi's third year)
Eichi-sama (英智さま)
Tori (桃李)
Wataru Hibiki Lon-ke (ロン毛)
Hibiki-senpai (日々樹先輩)
Tori-kun (桃李くん) (formerly)
Hime-kimi (姫君ひめきみ)
Tori Himemiya Boku (ボク)
Yuzuru Fushimi Yuzuru (弓弦) Bocchama ((坊ちゃま)
Tori (桃李)
Character Addressing others Addressing him
Chiaki Morisawa Chiaki-senpai (氷鷹センパイ) Himemiya (姫宮)
Subaru Akehoshi Akehoshi-senpai (明星センパイ) Himemin (ヒメミン)
Makoto Yuuki Yuuki-senpai (遊木先輩) Himemiya-kun (姫宮くん)
Mao Isara Monkey (サル)
Isara-senpai (衣更先輩)
Himemiya (姫宮) (Makoto's second year)
Tori (桃李)