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Please help with building this toolbox!

This Userpage is a draft and welcome your edit.

General Tools

Common Template Analogues

Those that stayed the same

Template Name Use Comment
{{font}} CSS-based font styling usually <span> is a better choice.
{{MAR}} Mark thread as resolved Not a fully one-to-one implementation; all auto-archiving features are stripped.
{{Tabs}} Tab system
{{JK}} Cross out texts for humorous purposes {{jk}} is also implemented, but {{胡话}} is not
Those that stayed the same because they perform basic functions

Those with the same name but differently named parameters

Template Name Chinese Parameters English Equivalent Use Comment
{{hide}} 标题, 内容 Title, Text Collapsing a plethora of information, usually texts or images Tracked by Transrelict
{{info}} less parameters available compared to the Chinese version Generic informational template See template documentation for details

Those that are different

Chinese Templates English Equivalent Use Comment
{{黑幕}} {{Spoiler}} Blackens (hide) a string of text, usually humorous comments Tracked by Tranrelict
{{人物信息}} {{Galcharainfo}} Page-top (right) information box for any character
{{求翻译}} {{NeedsTranslating}} Mark a section of texts that needs translation
{{不完整}} {{Incomplete}} Page-top template marking incomplete articles Tracked by Tranrelict

Tools to Use

  • {{trip}}: Translation in progress. This is not to replace {{WIP}}: WIP is for short-term, repeated edits to avoid edit conflicts; trip is for long-term translations that need effort from many people (e.g. translator, proofreader, and copy editor).
  • {{WIP}}: Work in Progress. See above.
  • {{ILP}}: Internal Link Popup. For links to pages that exist in Chinese but not in English yet.
  • {{NeedsTranslating}}. Mark texts that needs translation.
  • {{lang}}: Language marker. Use like {{lang|zh-hans}}, {{lang|zh-hant}}, or {{lang|ja}}.

More are to come to Category:Maintenance Templates...

Things to Watch